What are the Duties To be Expected from Room Service? - Part 2

Hotel room attendants, including members of the maid team and housekeepers, are a key factor to the successful operation of a hotel. Because of this, the room service team is in charge of many duties that can either make or break a hotel! In our previous article, we wrote about the duties that the room service team are expected to carry out and in this blog, we’ll build on that point.


One of the main duties of the hotel room attendants involves preparing the hotel room’s beds for the guests. This involves removing the dirty bedding and pillowcases and replacing them with new, clean linens. Attendants are also responsible for changing a room’s bedding before a new guest arrived and making the bed during his/her stay.


A clean bathroom says a lot about a hotel. One of the main things it says is that the hotel room attendants put a great deal of effort into the room’s upkeep. The responsibility involves scrubbing toilets, washing the shower/bathtub, cleaning the floor and tidying the counter and sink area. The staff also has to remove and replace used towels. Typically, when a guest wants a new towel, they’ll leave them on the floor.


Before a new guest arrives at the hotel, attendants must clean the entire room. The level and quality of cleaning usually depend on the hotel and the attendant, but in most high-end hotels, the tasks include vacuuming the floor, dusting surfaces, emptying bins, tidying counters, cleaning the utilities and wiping down mirrors and windows.

Besides the above, room service staff must be courteous, approachable, and professional when dealing with guests since they often deal with each other one-on-one. Room attendants should greet guests in a friendly manner and be there to help if they have any requests.

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