Vassallo Joinery represents the tradition of excellence when it comes to custom furniture design and manufacturing, with over 40 years of experience specialising in kitchens and bespoke furniture, bedroom solutions, home offices and living spaces.

It has been said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the outstanding workmanship that Vassallo Joiners brings to every one of its projects ensures that its creations are as beautiful as they are functional.

Character, style and design are perhaps not always the first adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of furniture, as opposed to functionality or sturdiness, but nowadays furniture and interiors have taken on a completely new direction, and there has never been a time for custom furniture, or Vassallo Joiners.

Backed by a team of talented craftsmen, Vassallo Joiners work towards striking a balance between design and functionality, while delivering a genuine product in a timely, efficient, and completely customisable manner.

Whereas Vassallo Joiners was originally created to specialise in the creation of furniture and interiors for domestic purposes, the company has more recently expanded its operations and taken on a number of large-scale commercial projects, many of which have been added to the company’s extensive portfolio.

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