Occupational Health and Safety

Construction is considered a high-risk industry, and for this reason occupational health and safety is our most important objective on the workplace, leaving no margin for error.

Health and Safety Management at Vassallo Builders has grown and evolved considerably over the last years, and has increasingly become synonymous to our working culture.

In 2004, Vassallo Builders was awarded the OHSA Award for Construction Initiatives, and as they say; the rest is history. We believe that it is a matter of change of culture, rather than that of legislation. For this reason, reducing downtime due to ill health injuries sustained at the workplace is our responsibility, as well as being the concern of anyone involved on site.

For this reason, we offer training and education to all of our team members. We feel that by doing so, we are empowering our staff to grow and enrich their portfolio and work experiences, while guiding them and making safer working practices routine. 

Today, DSL Health & Safety, manages all OHSA-related contracts and projects, and may be reached on (+356) 2149 8532/3 or info@designsolutions.com.mt