Following the devastation caused by the Second World War, Vassallo Group embarked on a mission to ‘rebuild the nation’ and has never looked back.

Building on its strengths, the Group carries a legacy that is over seventy years old, and over the years has diversified its operations that brought about expansion and investment.

Today, Vassallo Group stands at the forefront of several different sectors in the local market that include Property and Construction, Furniture and Interiors, Elderly and Disability, Catering, Hospitality, Architecture and Education.

Our values define the way we do business, as well as the way we interact with our employees, clients, partners, and consumers.

Our four core values include excellence, integrity, respect and innovation.

As we expand into new business segments, recruit fresh talent and strive to be true to our mission statement “building on our success”, these elements guide our people in the way they conduct business, and the decisions and actions they take, every step of the way.



Nazzareno Vassallo


Born in 1951, Nazzareno Vassallo was the son of Pio and Carmela née Camilleri, and the eighth of twelve siblings. Today, Mr Vassallo holds the role of Chairman of Vassallo Group of Companies that employs over 1,700 people…


Mrs Maryanne Vassallo


Maryanne Vassallo is a founding member of the Group. She is a member on the board of directors of Vassallo Builders Group Ltd as well as  a director on Vassallo Builders Ltd. Mrs Vassallo has the  wellbeing of the Group’s employees and…

Natalie Briffa Farrugia


Natalie graduated in Psychology and Management studies in 1995 from the University of Malta, and went on to read a post-graduate certificate in Gerontology and Geriatrics and graduated from the European…


Pio Vassallo

Group CEO

Graduating in Construction Management in 1999 from the University of Reading, Pio Vassallo has been involved in the Group’s operations since 1995 when he began his career as a Project Manager’s assistant…

Christian Vassallo


Throughout his career, Christian has gained extensive management experience by being entrusted to manage several teams and by occupying various managerial roles


Ruben Vassallo


Upon completing his studies in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Malta in 2007, Ruben Vassallo started working in the family business shortly after graduating. Gaining a wealth of…


Charlene Vella Vassallo


Graduating with a Doctorate in Law in 2012, Charlene is a Director and Shareholder of Vassallo Group. She also occupies the role of Director for other companies within the Group…