Powerezi Ltd is one of the latest additions to the Vassallo Group. This company has introduced new skills and activity to the Group, which has since then built twelve solar plants. This venture is testimony to the fact that the Group is committed towards sustainable energy models, starting out by utilising most of its roof space to produce electricity from the sun’s rays. The sum total of the power capacity of these plants will be close to one megawatt of electricity; which would be able to power 1,000 houses.

As a result, the company has developed, invested and constructed energy plants, and operates and maintains these plants in order to maximise energy production. A number of these were installed on the roofs of Caremalta operated carehomes. All of the solar plants are controlled via remote energy-management systems, which closely monitor the operation of each plant individually, indicating their performance and alerting of any issues that may arise.

More recently, Powerezi has been recognised as a Gold Partner by major international supplier of photovoltaic panels REC-Group. This indicates that the company’s team members are all fully trained and certified to install and maintain these panels.

Such activity doesn’t only promote the use of renewable energy, and the reduction of greenhouse gasses, but also publically demonstrates Vassallo Group’s strong commitment towards sustainable energy.

For more information about Powerezi we invite you to visit powerezi.com