5 Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture: Tips From Vassallo Joiners

Choosing the right furniture for your space can make the difference between your room being a cohesive, optimised space or a total mess, ruined by the wrong choice of furniture. While shopping, you may find many pieces you like but aren’t sure how to put it all together. Other than serving its intended use, Vassallo Joiners suggest the following five things to consider when buying furnishings:


One of the biggest faux pas you can commit when furnishing a space is not getting the room’s measurements first. In order to ensure a clean, put-together and clutter-free look, buying the right-sized furniture is key.

Knowing the area’s dimensions will help ensure everything is in proportion and arranged accordingly to optimise the space available. Before shopping, a good idea is to create a floor plan and stage your setup to get a better visual of the final layout. This will give you a better idea of the number of pieces you need to buy.


Furniture is a significant investment and so you need to spend wisely. It’s important to determine your budget beforehand and accordingly explore your options. Narrow down your options based on the finance available to you. Having a floor plan will serve this purpose also.


Having comfortable seating can contribute to your well-being. Give your area a harmonious look with sleek and stylish chairs which you can unwind on after a long day’s work.

Ergonomically designed chairs and desks have become the latest trend in office furniture. Whether you need a formal range with a modern touch or a designer upholstered range, your choice should be harmonious with the rest of the space.

Whether buying furniture for personal or professional use, comfort shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of style, but who says it must be one or the other? At Vassallo Joiners, we understand that furniture and interiors nowadays should combine both.


Another thing you need to consider is the furniture’s form and function. Today furniture is ergonomically designed to ensure utmost comfort and comes with multiple functionalities.

Some things to consider are storage space, especially for tight spaces, height and its adjustability. Every aspect needs to be addressed efficiently when it comes to furniture.

Aesthetic Appeal

This is the fun part. Furniture should not only serve its purpose, but should be aesthetically-pleasing and must complement your space’s existing décor by blending with the colour scheme. It should enhance the overall appearance of your interiors. And although it doesn’t mean everything should match as that creates a flat, bland look, it should have a somewhat coordinated feel.

If you’re going more for that distinct look or would like to create interest or find a focal piece, look for a piece of furniture that has an element of the unexpected or some personality. This may mean anything from its overall unconventional shape or interesting detail. Inject some of your personal style to your room with the pieces you choose.

Therefore, furniture shouldn’t be chosen simply because you like the style or colour, every design element needs careful consideration to create a wholesome feel and well-designed space. With everything you need to keep in mind, and all the available options, choosing the right furniture may seem like a daunting task.

When it comes to custom furnishing designs in Malta, Vassallo Group specialises in bespoke pieces for various spaces. Our creations are as aesthetically-pleasing as they are functional and best of all, are custom-made to perfectly fit into your space.