7 Tips for Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy is something that many of us think about, but do we actually get down to practising this environmentally friendly habit? With the dreaded season of winter well underway, and people are desperately wrapping their hands around hot mugs of tea, and their heads around how to keep warm.

Let’s face it, the Maltese were not made for the cold. When it comes to lowering our electricity bills and being more eco-conscious by saving energy, changes you make to your everyday life can add up to significant improvements. Here are Vassallo Group’s top 7 tips on conserving energy at home.

1. Be responsible, turn off and unplug

First and foremost, being responsible by saving energy can be as simple as turning off and unplugging appliances when they’re not in use. Ensure all electronics, such as TVs and computers aren’t only turned off, but also unplugged completely. Otherwise, energy will still be consumed when they’re not being used, or in this case, wasted. Surprisingly even when an appliance’s pilot lamp is on, it’s still consuming energy.

Run dishwashers and washing machines only when full. As for tumble dryers, it’s good to know that they’re one of the appliances that consume most energy – using more than the combined energy of a fridge, dishwasher and washing machine! Malta’s blessed with almost 3000 hours of sunshine a year, so why use a tumble dryer unless it is raining?

2. Solar Panels

Speaking of sunshine, if you’re lucky enough to have your own roof, take advantage of the large number of days of sunshine in Malta and invest in solar panels. Powerezi Ltd, one of Vassallo Group’s latest additions, makes utilising your roof space to produce electricity from sun rays possible. Our solar panels will help you make saving energy that much easier!

3. Use energy-saving bulbs

LED light bulbs use between 25 – 85% less energy than their traditional incandescent counterparts and last much longer, so they won’t need to be replaced so often. If you can’t replace all your home’s bulbs at once, start with the five most frequently used ones.

4. Close Up Those Cracks

Heating and cooling costs constitute nearly half of an average home’s utility bills, so using them only as a last resort will offer the greatest savings. Air enters through cracks (or ‘air leaks’) around windows and door frames.

The consequences of this are twofold. Firstly, cracks enable outside cold air to enter our houses, and secondly, warm air from heaters and air-conditioners tends to escape, thus wasting energy and not fully heating our space.

We also suggest having double-glazed, rather than single-glazed windows installed, as this significantly reduces heating expenses. Lastly, investing in shutters and blinds provide that extra layer of insulation.

5. Fleece

Granted, it’s neither the most attractive, nor fashion-forward statement, but who cares when you’re at home? Fleece bedsheets, fleece socks, beanies, fleece-lined leggings…we’re talking unsurpassed cosiness. Did someone say energy saving warmth through fleece? Yes pleece!

6. Insulate with carpets and rugs

Sometimes saving energy can just come down to the simpler things. Keep your feet nice and toasty with a good, well-sized rug which can act as insulation by providing a soft, warm barrier between your feet and the cold floor. Generally, the thicker the rug, the better the insulation. 

7. Energy Star Labels

When shopping for new appliances, be aware of the energy star label. Such labels measure energy efficiency which may offer huge savings on energy bills without sacrificing quality and performance. Appliances sold in Europe use the European energy label, with A+++ being the highest and D the lowest. Such labels were created solely for households committed to saving energy and utility bills.

Energy conservation means being conscious of your carbon footprint and in doing so, reducing your bills, leaving you with more money in your pocket. And if you really think about it, saving energy doesn’t have to be so difficult, does it? Click here for more information on how Vassallo Group can help make this possible. Let’s get toasty.