Vassallo Builders is proud to have once again set standards for the local building and construction industry with the acquisition of four new 100% Electric Nissan Leaf vehicles.

During a key handing over ceremony, in the presence of Group Chairman Mr. Nazzareno Vassallo and CEO Mr. Pio Vassallo, Nissan Malta General Manager Mr Jean Claude Spiteri Miggiani congratulated Vassallo Builders for this investment and praised the initiative.

In line with its green strategy and environmental values, Vassallo Builders opted to scrap four vehicles from its older fleet and replace these with four new 30KW Nissan Leaf – the latest model from Nissan in a history that spans decades of research and development in the field. Through this initiative, the powerful 30kWh battery pack will eliminate close to 14 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year and allow users to drive for up to 170Km on a single charge. Furthermore, the Group shall be complementing this investment with the installation of a state-of-the-art electric charging station at its Mosta Head Offices allowing all four vehicles to be plugged-in and charged at the same time.

Group Chairman Mr. Nazzareno Vassallo expressed his firm belief that the Group’s choices can truly make a difference: “In line with the Group’s ethos and as part of our environmental policy, Vassallo Builders has identified transportation as a key area where we can make a real impact. For this reason we are here making a clear statement attesting this belief whilst embracing zero emission technology and putting the Nissan Leaf as part of our fleet.”  

As one of Malta’s leading building contractors with a history spanning over 70 years, Vassallo Builders is committed to help reducing further the industry’s carbon emissions and mitigating its environmental footprint. For this reason, Vassallo Builders has time and again set forth initiatives demonstrating its environmental principles. Spreading over a number of its properties, the Group prides itself in being one of the first local organizations to invest and install close to one Megawatt of roof-mounted photovoltaic installations, as well as the design and construction of Malta’s two largest solid waste treatment plants, in total capable of generating more than 10 Gigawatt Hours of renewable energy per year.

Vassallo Builders CEO Mr. Pio Vassallo said: “Having pioneered a number of the country’s landmark projects and ground-breaking investments, this initiative might not come as a surprise. However, the Group wanted to demonstrate how electric vehicles can help reduce the carbon footprint of any business operation while providing the practicality and versatility needed to deliver services.” He added that apart from the technology’s green credentials, driving an EV is also reliable and cost-effective.

Mr Spiteri Miggiani  thanked the Group for choosing Nissan in this venture and expressed satisfaction in seeing forward-thinking businesses just as Vassallo Builders Group paving the way for others “I am delighted that Vassallo Builders has put into practice its green philosophy. Even though the industry might not be synonymous with embracing green values, Vassallo Group has once again taken the leap and we look forward to see other businesses follow by example and switch to more sustainable transport solutions.”