70 employees representatives from Vassallo Group celebrated the Group’s 70 year anniversary by planting 70 trees at the recently inaugurated North Mechanical & Biological Waste Treatment Plant in Magħtab. Present for the event was also the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, the Hon Leo Brincat, Wasteserv CEO, Group Chairman, Mr Nazzareno Vassallo, Wasteserv CEO Mr Tonio Montebello, various Directors, Managers and other employees who contribute in the various sectors within the Group.

“This is a significant place for us, whereby one of our subsidiary companies, Vassallo Builders was entrusted with all the construction works for this milestone project.” commented Mr Nazzareno Vassallo. He also said that the Group has expanded its involvement in the environmental sector, not only by being involved in both waste treatment plants on the Island but also by setting up Powerezi responsible for installing photovoltaic panels on most of the roofs of buildings belonging to the Group generating some 1500 megawatt of solar energy in 2015 saving around 4500 tons of carbon dioxide.”

“A tree is the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion. It also reiterates the Group’s awareness towards the environmental sector,” commented Mr Charlo Bonnici, Group’s Director of HR and Communications.

A commemorative plaque was set up in the area where the 70 trees were planted.