Vassallo Group Malta dedicated a day to celebrate the Arkati Foundation Day. The Arkati Foundation is an internal charity run by the Group. The aim behind the foundation, is to involve and encourage employees to make donations towards the Arkati Fund. The Arkati Foundation utilises the funds to help other employees who have been affected by extenuating circumstances, such as illness, the death of a relative, or other misfortunes.

“We have always wanted to safeguard the safety of our employees because we have their interests at our heart .This Foundation helped even further to gather all employees together in supporting the foundation, by giving their personal donations towards an important cause”. Donations by employees are done be offering a number of working hours which are deducted from their salaries.

The Arkati Foundation was established in 1991 and until today it has helped a number of employees. Various employees representing the companies which form part of Vassallo Group, have been chosen to be the Foundation’s Ambassadors with their main task is being that of encouraging more employees to be part of the Foundation. Until today over 50 % of all employees are active members in the Foundation.

This year’s event was characterized by the presentation of certificates to all the Arkati Foundation Ambassadors. Mr Joe Saliba, President of the Arkati Foundation thanked all the ambassadors for their hard work and continue encouraged them to get more employees on board for such an important cause. Throughout the day, over 1600 employees wore an Arkati Foundation T-shirt to promote this initiative. Mr Saliba together with representatives from the Arkati Foundation Board visited various employees at all CareMalta homes, at Construction sites, at Cateressence and Vassallo Group’s head office to reiterate the importance of such initiative. “We want the employees to feel committed and be part of the foundation. That is why we would like more employees on board with us. ”commented Mr Saliba.

Later on the day, Mr Saliba visited a former employee who benefitted from the foundation. The employee is currently recovering at Livelife Rehabilitation and with the help of the professionals it is being hoped that she will be fully recovered in the near future.

For more information on Arkati Foundation one can visit the Group’s Social Media pages.