Vassallo Group’s Arkati Foundation Day was held in February, a day dedicated to visiting locations of the group to raise awareness about its internal Charity Fund.  

The Arkati Foundation is an employee solidarity fund which was founded 33 years ago.  It aims at safeguarding the safety and well-being of employees going through difficult times.  The beauty of it is in its solidarity where the employees themselves donate a small fee from their salary, while the Group contributes a substantial amount every year.

Group Chairperson Natalie Briffa Farrugia, Arkati Foundation Chairman Joe Saliba together with Chief People Officer Lee Xuereb and other group employees visited various locations of Vassallo Group such as CareMalta’s facilities, HILA’s homes as well as CaterEssence, Learning Works, Campus Hub, and the Mediterranean College of Sport.

During these visits emphasis was also given to Vassallo Group’s Employee Assistance Programme which is an employee benefit-programme intended to help employees to deal with any personal problems that might impact their mental health and well-being.  This service is provided to employees through external companies at no cost and is strictly confidential.  To benefit from this service the employees do not need to go through Vassallo Group but can make direct contact with the service providers.

The aim of this tour first and foremost is to raise awareness about the Foundation and all the services employees can benefit from, while also thanking them for their participation and support.