Vassallo Group’s long-standing traditional event, the annual Chairperson’s lunch, was held on 9th December at the majestic Verdala Palace in Rabat. This event was the first hosted by Natalie Briffa Farrugia since assuming the role of group Chairperson last January.

The President of the European Parliament (EP), Roberta Metsola, was this year’s guest of honour. Among others, also present for this event were all group shareholders and directors, business partners, and bankers.

During her speech EP President Roberta Metsola stated, “People who are entrusted with a position of responsibility, as all of us here are, are uniquely charged to go beyond short termism. We are entrusted to look and build for the future. We need to offer an economic, financial, social and environmental policy that not just responds to today’s needs but that also creates policies and initiatives that address the challenges of the future – those that our children’s generation will have to contend with. People in leadership positions, cannot retreat into the comfort of repeating past initiatives, no matter how well they worked in the past. And this applies to leaders in every sphere of our society – in business, in politics, in constituted bodies, in unions. This is how our country should be. This how the European Union should be.”

Ms Briffa Farrugia closed off her speech stating “With boldness and enthusiasm, we are ready to keep striving for excellence in all areas where we are or will be, keep defending the dignity and welfare of our most vulnerable clients and our employees, make the best of the land and property, respecting our environment, heritage, and good neighbourliness in the process.  Above all we will keep putting one of our most cherished values, Integrity, at the heart of all we do.”

Following a lavish lunch, all guests were presented with one of this year’s publications by Kite Group “Architecture Visions on Paper” authored by Architect Conrad Thake. As per tradition the group also launched its annual publication “Arkati”.