ZVART (Zaren Vassallo Art Initiative) closed off the year 2021 with a piece of art entitled ‘Rotunda’ by local artist Flavia Marmara commissioned by Vassallo Builders Group Ltd on the initiative of group CEO Pio Vassallo. The piece which is square shaped, measures a little over a metre and is made purely out of glass mosaic. The subject chosen, the Mosta Basilica is a very special one for the Vassallo Family and likewise for the artist Flavia Marmara who was also born in Mosta.

Flavia’s work ranges from abstracts to typical Maltese architecture, nature and landscapes, and reflects her interest in things that surround her. She has an eye for detail and prides herself in creating challenging unique pieces that require long hours of work and strong dedication.

According to Flavia mosaic is a metamorphosis of broken pieces into a thing of beauty. It fulfils her burning desire to be creative, releases her mind from the dullness of daily routine and transports her to a mythical world where her longing for freedom and adventure is fulfilled. She credits her passion for mosaic to her encounter with her first mosaic tutor and artist Alfred Briffa, in 1997.

Present for the inauguration of the piece were outing Vassallo Group Chairman Nazzareno Vassallo, incoming Group Chairperson Natalie Briffa Farrugia, Group CEO Pio Vassallo, all Vassallo Group shareholders and directors, members of the ZVART committee and Mosta Artist Flavia Marmara.

ZVART, an acronym for Zaren Vassallo Art (initiative) encourages companies within the group to invest in pieces of art to adorn property owned by the Group or property in which the Group is currently operating. The initiative was launched by Group Chairman Nazzareno Vassallo in December 2020 during a short ceremony in which a painting of Mr Vassallo’s late brother and former shareholder, Guzeppi Vassallo, by Mosta artist Dione Borg, was unveiled at Villa Amodeo, the office of the Group Chairman. Companies within the group took the initiative to participate in ZVART and a total of 17 pieces were unveiled over a span of a year. The next unveiling was at Learning Works followed by CareMalta, Vassallo Group Realty, Vassallo Builders and CaterEssence. The majority of CareMalta homes also had their own piece unveiled as well as Casa Apap Bologna which forms part of HILA homes. It has been decided that ZVART, an initiative to mark Vassallo Group’s 75th Anniversary, will continue beyond 2021.