CaterEssence meticulously planned two consecutive ‘2 week live-ins’ at the Central Processing Unit in Qormi  where a number of chefs volunteered to continue reducing their exposure of COVID-19 to keep safeguarding the production of over 5000 meals delivered daily to 12 elderly care homes, 9 of which are operated by CareMalta.

The first team of chefs that started this “Live In” initiative at the Company’s CPU successfully completed their first 2 week live-in and exited from the CPU Saturday afternoon, a 24 hrs cleaning, maintenance and fumigation process started to prepare for the arrival of the second team Sunday evening.  All chefs observed a strict ‘stay at home’ quarantine while not at work so as to reduce any possible danger to exposure to Covid-19.

The CPU General Manager leading this ‘Live In’ initiative, joined both the first team and the second team, in between of a 24 hour break at home.  “It was a great experience full of challenges to maintain the production of meals as well as all the hundreds of Easter eggs and traditional figolli we had to prepare. I am very proud that the team worked as one, truly giving their utmost. I am also very appreciative of all the external support we had especially from CEO Ing. Alex Tranter and top management who were in daily contact with me day and night keeping up our morale up after our long working days inside the kitchen. I feel very honoured to have been entrusted by the Company with leading and living through this first ever ‘live in’ team experience.”

It was not easy for the chefs involved in the live-in initiative to be separated from their families however all chefs spoke positively how they have managed to keep themselves safe, their families safe as well as the jobs safe during this pandemic. Here are a few comments picked up from the first team upon exiting the CPU describing their ‘Live In’ experience:

 “A truly memorable experience. The ‘Live In’ provided us with the unique opportunity to get to know one another better and build string bonds of friendship and trust between all the team.” 

“I feel proud of having participated in the “Live In’ as it was the right thing to do in the current circumstances to protect our health and our jobs.”

 “It was a really nice experience. We got to work and live together for two weeks and we all got along very well.  Without a doubt you do miss your family at home but when you remember that you are doing this for the benefit of others to protect them you feel a lot of satisfaction.”