Create Your Own Spa-Inspired Bathroom Oasis with Vassallo Joiners

Dreaming of a spa retreat? You’re not alone. Our lives nowadays have become busier than ever before, hence our greater need to unwind and revitalise our body and soul. With Vassallo Joiners’ design tips, you need not fork out money for a day membership at a local spa, you can have your own spa-inspired oasis in the comfort of your own home! 

1. Rich, earthy hues and tones

Spas generally have natural tones to create an ambience of relaxation. This does not mean it should be boring and bland. Mix it up with different materials and textures like wood, light granite. If you want to add a pop of colour, accessorise with aquamarine or turquoise.

2. Custom built-in units

Whether to hide cosmetics or display accessories, bespoke units are perfectly designed and created to fit your space like a glove. Vassallo Joinery offers this.

3. Hydrotherapeutic tubs/shower spa

Spa-inspired bathrooms should be a place of rest and relaxation that allow you to escape the stresses of everyday life, and one main feature of any spa which does so is a jacuzzi. To recreate this feel, opt for a hydrotherapeutic tub. And for those of you who don’t have the time to soak up often or want to save water, a great alternative would be a walk-in rain shower.

4. Mirrors

A simple trick to creating the illusion of space where space is lacking, is by using mirrors. Part from being both functional and aesthetic, mirrors open up the room and reflect light.

5. Lighting

Ideally, have multiple spotlights installed with the option of turning on a few at a time, allowing you to adjust brightness as desired. Better yet, go for a dimmer switch. Ah, ambience. And for the ultimate finishing touch, add a few candles around your bathtub or windowsill.

6. Finishing Touches

Fill a few jars with shells or stones, add an indoor plant. They are small details which will make an impact and draw your design elements together. Be careful not to fall into the trap of over-accessorising, as clutter goes against the calm, minimal feel of a spa-inspired bathroom.

There’s nothing quite like spending some time in a bathroom that soothes your senses after a hard day at work to revitalise your soul and recharge your batteries. So whether it’s time to renovate and turn that outdated, dingy bathroom into a spa retreat or you’re starting from scratch in shell form, Vassallo Joiners have the materials to help you do so. With our vast variety of tiles and bespoke furniture, we can make your ideal bathroom custom made to suit your needs and your space.

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