9 Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Ideal Nursing Home

Making an Educated Decision for your Family by Choosing the Ideal Nursing Home

Skilled nursing differs from senior housing mainly because skilled nursing centres provide a high level of nursing care and rehabilitative care when routines of daily living become challenging and burdensome due to health issues. This is where an ideal nursing home comes into play.

While the term “nursing home” can carry a negative connotation for most people, it’s undeniable that they’re an important part for individuals living in their advanced years. It should also be noted that a care centre is not the only option. Depending on an individual’s needs, there are home care options such as the ones Vassallo Group offers through CareMalta to help with medication, doctor’s visits and more.

Considering skilled nursing care isn’t an easy decision for most families, it’s not uncommon for families to feel stressed, sad, frustrated or even guilty. When it comes to deciding which nursing home is the best, the key lies in knowing how to make an informed decision based on the family’s needs. Here are nine tips on what to consider when looking at skilled nursing services.

1. Tour the care facility

This is perhaps the most important and useful way of deciding whether the place is going to be the best fit for you and your family member. It can be helpful to try and schedule a tour during an activity. It’s also good to prepare some questions you’d like to ask. So jotting down a few queries in advance would be practical. 

2. Look for life-enriching activities

Participating in frequent activities is important at any stage in life. Inquire about the kinds of activities and events the facility has that keep people mentally and socially engaged. How regularly do they plan outdoor activities? Can family members join?

3. Meet the staff

It can be advantageous to meet the staff in action to see whether they’re friendly and treat residents with care and dignity. Meet the staff managers to get a better idea of what the team’s goals are in their care practices.

4. Check about cleanliness

Be attentive to the level of cleanliness around the building, and if necessary, ask how often rooms are cleaned. Get specifics on the frequency of laundry care, maintenance and other upkeep.

5. Consider the amenities and layout

Some care homes take a traditional medical approach to their strategy; others choose a homier approach, particularly when it comes to décor. Indeed, design is more a matter of personal taste. It’s also good to consider whether a care home has private or semi-private rooms. When touring, ask to visit some of the outdoor areas, too. Ask about amenities, such as internet, television and recreational areas.

6. Ask about food and meals

What are the meal plans like? Is there a dietitian who gives an input in meal preparation? Can the staff handle special dietary needs? Is there a dining room? Can residents dine in their rooms if they want? Can family bring food?

7. Express your needs

It’s good to communicate care needs to see how and if they can be met. Also, ask how many people will be involved in the care? How will the care plan be developed?

8. Consider the location

This is possibly one of the first things people consider when they start looking at care homes. What’s the balance between the convenience of the location versus the quality of the care centre?

9. Ask about the care homes

Ask about their care goals and methodology. Some care homes will have a varied interdisciplinary team, activities coordinators and more. Apart from preserving and improving their physical health, what is the team doing to improve residents’ lives and keep them mentally and physically active?

There are many misconceptions about skilled nursing homes. Many cultures consider it the adult children’s responsibility to provide care for their elderly parents. In this day and age, however, because of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and longer life expectancies, the stigma is slowly wearing off.

Moreover – and perhaps, most importantly – not everyone is skilled or knowledgeable enough to care of an elderly person as much as a professional and skilled workforce in a nursing home. 

Ultimately it’s good to acknowledge the fact that nursing homes aren’t for people who don’t care about their family member, but on the contrary, they’re the best way to ensure a family member is getting the necessary assistance needed with expert, around-the-clock care.

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