Vassallo Group held its annual Chairperson’s Lunch in December at the Archbishop’s Curia Refectory in Floriana. Delighted to have Mr. Neil Agius, world record-holder Maltese swimmer and former Olympian, as this year’s special guest joining group shareholders, directors, business partners, and bankers.

During his speech, Neil Agius spoke about his Wave of Change message, “All of you here are pioneers, leaders in your industry, having the power of the snowball effect, how you live a more sustainable life and having a more sustainable business. You have that power to be the leaders.”

Vassallo Group Chairperson, Ms. Briffa Farrugia also addressed the esteemed guests, “Leveraging and building on the Group’s market position, strength, expertise, reputation, and credibility as a dynamic family business continues to be our collective responsibility.  We will continue to harness our financial stability and governance structures, ensuring discipline, rigor and accountability in all our spheres of operation.  Improving the Group’s key financial metrics remains imperative”.  

Group CEO Pio Vassallo presented Neil Agius with a donation towards his ‘Wave of Change’ campaign on behalf of Vassallo Group.

Following a lavish lunch, all guests were presented with one of this year’s publications by Kite Group ‘Exposure, Fragmented Sculptures of an Island Coast’, by Alex Attard. As per tradition the group also launched its annual publication ‘Arkati’

Vassallo Group operates in a number of industries such as  Construction, Health and Social Care, Property Management, Catering & Hospitality, Energy, and Education.