CareMalta, a subsidiary of Vassallo Group has introduced a ‘Live-in’, where staff will be living at the facilities to care for the elderly residents in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  More than 500 employees are currently living with elderly residents in the eight facilities operated by CareMalta.

Following long hours of discussions with the relevant authorities, the first step was to limit the visiting hours to these homes, followed by a complete halt of visits by relatives and friends.

The company looked at the entire situation with the human element in mind – as well as with compassion, professionalism and engagement, core values which are the basic principles of its philosophy. This was the only way to protect the vulnerability of all its elderly residents at such a difficult time when the whole world is combating the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

CareMalta executed this operation with one sole aim – that of protecting its residents as much as possible against the virus. It was a tough exercise to put into motion in such a short time, especially until the employees entered the homes, some even with their children.

Employees are truly giving their all to give the facilities a homely feel and going the extra mile to make it feel as normal as possible with many activities being organised over and above the usual ones.  The scope behind all of this is to keep the feeling of a community within the homes very much alive.  Activities being held range from physical exercises promoting active ageing to music, as well as one-to-one sessions with those elderly needing extra care.

The ‘live-in’, as it is being called, is also an opportunity for the employees to live like a family, in the real sense of the word. After a long, tiring day of seeing to all the residents’ needs, they get together around a table for a few hours, talk, joke, play music, tend to their pets and share their experiences throughout the day.

A number of drop-offs of goods by relatives are also organised as a way of keeping in touch with those dear fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters who at this dire moment cannot see their families. These goods, left outside each respective facility by relatives, are all being disinfected before entering the homes.

Above all, this experience has made the good in everyone involved shine through – the courage shown by both the management and employees who left everything behind to provide the best service to the elderly, the cooperation of the residents themselves, as well as their relatives, who have been understanding and appreciative of the aim behind this initiative. Above all, this shows that the love for the elderly is the best source of inspiration for those working at every level of the company CareMalta.