Vassallo Group’s traditional Arkati Foundation Day was held on 21st February to raise awareness about the Foundation and thank employees for their participation and support.

Originally founded in 1991, The Arkati Foundation, an employee solidarity fund aims at safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of employees going through difficult times.  The employees themselves donate a day of leave or a small fee while the company also contributes a substantial sum each year. 

The foundation’s Chairman,Joseph Saliba together with group chairman Nazzareno Vassallo who is also the founder of Arkati were accompanied by various representatives forming part of the group spent the day visiting various locations which form part of the group. The group set off to visit in total 17 different places covering locations of Vassallo Builders construction sites such as Campus Hub and Vassallo Business Park to CareMalta and HILA homes as well as CaterEssence outlets such as Madu.

Vassallo Group employs around 2000 individuals representing over 50 different nationalities.