Things to Consider When Choosing Office Space

If you’re currently looking for an office space, the choice you make is vital to your business’ development. Your office space doesn’t only affect your operations and your staff’s motivation, but it also affects your brand image. There are five key factors that are crucial to the selection process.

1. Location

Location is probably the most important factor when choosing an office space. You should ask yourself “Can my clients and employees get there easily?” If you find an office that answers ‘yes’, then you’re on the right track. Another consideration is the neighbourhood and the security. It might also help if there are shops and places to get lunch or a coffee nearby.

2. Price

Price is another key factor to many. Spending too little can end up with an office that you’re not happy with and spending too much might cause you to struggle with rent and having to downsize. Ask yourself whether you’re able to pay a three-month deposit instantly, whether there are any hidden costs and is the price in-line with similar spaces in the area. These questions give you an indication of the affordability and whether you’re getting the best deal possible.

3. Size

It’s recommended to have 70 square feet per person. However, if your employees need bigger desks or more storage, boost that figure. Also, consider any meeting and rest space for your clients and staff.

4. Infrastructure

Nowadays, many businesses can’t function without a reliable internet connection. Many office spaces generally include internet access as part of the rent, however, if you’re leasing privately, you’d need to factor the cost in.
Infrastructure also includes postal services and telephone connections.

5. Style

If you’re a business that hopes to build a ‘brand image’ with your office, then you have to consider this point. Consider whether you’re allowed to customise or brand the office space and at what extra cost.

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