Ensuring Safety in Construction

“Safety First” is a commonly-uttered phrase amongst many industries where manual work is the crux of the job. The construction is certainly one of said sectors. Nevertheless, one might pose the justified question: Is saftey really being implemented? When hiring a construction team to carry out your vision, you need to ensure that you’re hiring a company that puts safety culture as their top priority. At Vassallo Group, we’ve come up with a checklist of ensuring safety-related factors that we carry out when we’re working on site.

1. We emphasise the importance of training

By properly training our workers, we’ve found the easiest way to improve our company’s safety culture. Through this, our staff know that we’re committed to keeping them safe and healthy throughout their day-to-day life. Safety training is an ongoing process that helps reinforce the best practices and keeps safety at the top of our mind.

2. We conduct regular on-site inspections and safety meetings

Job sites are inspected before and after every work day, in order to see to any safety concerns. Besides this, the sites are checked regularly throughout the day to keep an eye out for any hazards and check whether the workers are safe.

Moreover, brief safety meetings are held to ensure what tasks are going to be performed throughout the task. In these meetings, any concerns are addressed.

3. Everyone is held accountable

Every person stepping foot on the site is held responsible for safety. By means of thorough training, workers know about safe and/or unsafe practices are and what can potentially put them and others around them in danger. Ensuring safety and implementing rules are clearly defined and explained and failing to follow such rules may result in consequences. Employees are also encouraged to speak up and report unsafe work conditions.

4. Our workers are involved and invested

Our staff is involved in reviewing and updating the company’s safety program, creating site-specific plans and identifying any potential hazards. An accident response team is assembled for each site, including staff that have First Aid training. This staff knows what to do in case of any accidents. Having workers involved improves our safety culture. They’re more likely to communicate any concerns in this way.

When it comes to ensuring safety, there’s always room for improvement. At Vassallo Group we have a solid foundation, allowing us to commit to safety. So if you’re looking for someone to take control over your next big construction-based project, contact us at Vassallo Group. We’ll be sure to reach your goals whilst ensuring that safety’s put first.

Our firm vehemently works towards targeting your needs in a way where we keep in mind your needs, the environment and the society around us.

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