As part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility and 70 years anniversary initiatives, Vassallo Group recently organized its annual blood drive at their Head Office. The event was organized together with the National Blood Transfusion Services.

More than 40 employees forming part of the Group namely Cateressence, Vassallo Builders and CareMalta got together for this special event and donated blood. The Group’s Chairman Mr Nazzareno Vassallo expressed his sincere appreciation to all the participants. He also thanked the Blood Transfusion Unit for their sterling job and extended the invite to other local companies to organize such events.

“Donating blood is a gift of life to others, commented Mr Vassallo. He said that the transfusion of blood, saves millions of life all over the world every year.

Mr Charlo Bonnici, Director of HR and Communications said that the Group is at the forefront in promoting and pushing such important initiatives and events. He also encouraged the employees to continue donate blood on a regular basis throughout the whole year by contacting the National Blood Transfusion Services.

The Group is this year celebrating its 70 years anniversary since inception. Vassallo Group employs more than 1700 employees mainly in the construction, care, elderly and catering sectors.