As part of Vassallo Group’s Vision 2020 strategy, a number of changes at senior executive level of Vassallo Group are being implemented. These changes come in a very important year for the Group as it is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Mr Pio Vassallo, CEO of Vassallo Group and Vassallo Builders Ltd will be representing the Group at board level in all the partnerships that the Group currently has totaling over 30. Mr Vassallo joined the Group in 1995 and has been occupying the position of CEO since 2002. In his role he has overseen some of the Group’s major infrastructural projects including hotels, waste treatment plants, homes for the elderly and the current US embassy.

Mr Christian Vassallo, Director of Vassallo Group has been appointed with the implementation of the Group’s 2020 strategy that should see it consolidating its leadership position within a number of sectors in which it operates. After joining the Group in 2000, Mr Vassallo held directorship positions in a number of boards mostly of catering and hospitality-related companies within the Group.

Mr Tonio Depasquale has been appointed Deputy Chairman of Vassallo Builders Group Limited as well that of the Vassallo Builders, Caremalta and Cateressence boards. For the past years Mr Depasquale, who formerly occupied the position of CEO at a leading bank, has been providing the Group with consultancy ever since his retirement from the bank.

Mr Joseph Saliba has been appointed Chairman of the Group’s Strategy and Investments Board. The Strategy and Investments Board is responsible for establishing and reviewing the overall strategy of Vassallo Group, and examining particularly strategic transactions and initiatives. He has also been appointed as non-executive director on the Vassallo Builders Limited board

Architect Ruben Vassallo has been appointed CEO responsible for the property companies within the Vassallo Group. The property division is the biggest contributor within the Group in terms of net profit with a projected turnover for 2016 of over 8 million euro. Architect Vassallo has been at the helm of architectural division of the Group since 2008 overseeing a number of projects entrusted to the Group including homes for the elderly, business and commercial centres as well as private residences.

Mr Jonathan Buttigieg has been appointed deputy CEO of Vassallo Builders Ltd and will maintain his duties as Commercial Director, a position that he has occupied since 1999. He will be responsible for all non-group related projects. Starting his career with Vassallo Builders in 1993, he held a number of directorships in Vassallo Group- related companies and has lead the interests of Vassallo Builders in several consortiums. Mr Buttigieg graduated from the University of Toronto as a Civil Engineer and obtained his Masters Degree in Construction Management from the University of Bath.

Mr Stephen Borg has been assigned the new role of Director of Finance within the Group. Stephen Borg has been employed with the Group since 2000 and has held various posts, the most recent of which being CFO to the Group. He is also Company Secretary to the various Group companies.

Mr Charlo Bonnici has been appointed Director of HR and Communications. Mr Bonnici joined the Group in 2008. In this new role within the Vassallo Group Mr Bonnici will be responsible for the development ‪and implementation of strategic ‪human ‪resources initiatives as well as for internal and external communications.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ ‬‬‬

Mr Neville Calleja, has been appointed Director responsible for Cost Control and Logistics within Vassallo Builders Limited. Mr. Calleja joined Vassallo Builders Limited in 1989, and advanced through his professional career since then. He has previously held the position of Commercial Manager. In this new role, Mr. Calleja will be responsible for the development and maintenance of internal controls on financial procedures and operations to safeguard financial assets to the company.

Commenting on this development within the Group, Chairman Nazzareno Vassallo said that “it is very appropriate that on the 70th anniversary since its inception, Vassallo Group is now in the process of consolidating its structures particularly at the top level. This will enable it to achieve a number of ambitious goals set in its 2020 strategy aimed at retaining the Group at the forefront of the markets in which it operates”.

With an annual turnover of over 70 million, Vassallo Group is today one of the largest employers in Malta employing over 1700 persons. The sectors in which it operates include construction, healthcare, hospitality, catering, property management, IT and alternative energy.