A number of employees forming part of the Vassallo Group of companies, took part in a challenging and exciting experience, at the company’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

The institution chosen this year, was K.I.D.S, a children’s home which forms part of the Richmond Foundation. A number of activities were held during the CSR day, which took place on Saturday 16th May in Zejtun. These included; cleaning of the children’s rooms, sanding, cladding, painting and gardening amongst various other demanding tasks.

This experience served to bring together employees from different companies, to work along in a team whilst at the same time helping those in need.

“The company has always pushed forward the idea of CSR within the group”, commented Mr Charlo Bonnici, Head of HR, Marketing and Communications. “We boast of having amongst the most hard working employees, who are ready to step in and help for such a good cause”, he said.

This activity was organized in conjunction with another event; the dress down day whereby most of the employees donated between 1 hour and a full working day towards a voluntary institution.

Vassallo Group employs more than 1700 employees and its business is based on the construction, care and catering sectors amongst others.