100 employees from the staff complement at Casa San Paolo, participated in the first ever operational simulation, prior to the official admission of new residents into the home.

The simulation, also known as,“The Resident’s Experience” brought together staff members to experience a day in the life of a resident.

The staff had the opportunity to go through the usual daily routine, which included sleeping overnight in a single or double room together with other residents, using the nurse call buttons to seek assistance, being aided with their activities of daily living and attending other activities that are held within the home.

Equipment was used to simulate various situations that one might encounter throughout the day. The staff representing residents, used devices, to impair hearing and vision as well as impede independent mobilisation and dexterity.

“This was indeed a fruitful experience for us, as this simulation helped us to understand better our residents’ needs.” commented some members of the staff.

The Resident’s experience was held over a two day span, ending with a staff party to celebrate the success of such a challenging and intense activity.

Casa San Paolo which is operated by Caremalta, is due to be officially opened on the 2nd of June.