It has become now a yearly calendar event for CareMalta to organize its yearly sports day for all its employees. This year, the event took place on the 27th of April at St Aloysius training grounds. Employees from the 9 different homes that the company operates together with the employees from head office, got together to compete and have fun in various games and activities.

“The aim behind such an activity is to try and gather most of our employees all together in this special day, when all work related issues are forgotten and everyone enjoys himself by participating in various activities, whilst at the same time keeping fit through these fun games”, commented CareMalta’s CEO, Mrs Nathalie Briffa Farrugia.

The turnout for such an activity is always a favourable one and this represents the positive and encouraging attitude of the employees, to participate in the company’s extra curriculum activities. On this day, employees are supported by their families and friends who join them to be part of the fun. Those employees not taking part are always encouraged to come along and still support their working mates. This year the event was won by Casa Arkati.

CareMalta is part of Vassallo Group and employs 950 employees.