On its 69th year of operation, Vassallo Group has kept its yearly calendar event to organize the Women’s day lunch which this year was organized on the 10th of March. The event was hosted by Vassallo’s Group Chairman, Mr Nazzareno Vassallo. This year’s guest of honour was Mrs Michelle Muscat. Present for the event were the women directors, the women bankers, consultants and female employees who work within the Group and its subsidiary companies. As per the International Women’s day Motto, this year’s team was “Make it Happen”. Careamalta’s C.E.O Natalie Briffa Farrugia said that she witnesses on a daily basis the strong spirit of the women at work and their commitment towards giving their best in everything. Her dream is that one day,society will stop seeing persons in relation to their gender, disabilities, religion or race but start seeing people as individuals with same rights: worth of respect, dignity and equal opportunities. Mr Nazzareno Vassallo, Chairman of Vassallo Group thanked all the employees who attended the lunch and praised them for the excellent job and the dedication they have towards the company. “Vassallo Group has always strongly believed in the contribution women can give to society and today I am proud to say that, 59% of the Group’s workforce amounting to a total of 1700 are women, some of whom are leading the way in different sectors of our business”, said Mr Vassallo. Mrs Michelle Muscat spoke about the importance that every woman should be given in our society. She said that with today’s help and incentives by the Maltese Government, especially by offering free child care services, women can manage to balance their life by being working mothers and at the same time enjoying their free time with their loved ones. The aim behind such event is for the company to show its appreciation by thanking all the female employees for the dedication, passion and will power they offer towards their respective jobs. It is also an occasion, were the company brings together various employees from different sectors in order to organize a social activity on a yearly basis whereby the latter can meet up and socialize in a relaxed environment.