VolCare is the new project which CareMalta and SOS Malta have embarked on through a joint collaboration. Details of this new organization were given today during a press launch. Present for the event were the Minister for the Family and Social Policy, the Hon Michael Farrugia, representatives from CareMalta and SOS Malta and other various organizations respectively.

The main aim of VolCare is to organize and enhance the voluntary services through the engagement of active citizens to support residents and relatives in all Caremalta’s faciltities.

The Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, the Hon Michael Farrugia encouraged more initiatives like VolCare in order to further promote the volunteering sector. He said that we must help out the Elderly to be more active. Minister Farrugia added that voluntary work is not only a noble act because it is given free, but because it is priceless.

CareMalta’s C.E.O, Mrs. Nathalie Briffa Farrugia said that is CareMalta’s main priority is to improve the quality of life of its residents and hence live in an active and engaged lifestyle.

She explained that the slogan Citizen, Active, Role Engagement chosen by the VolCare team; reflects the vision of enhancing the quality of each other’s life, providing companionship, engaging each other to have an active role in the community and offering rewarding opportunities by sharing different experiences.

Ms. Claudia Taylor East, an expert in this field and CEO of SOS Malta spoke about the philosophy of volunteering. She said that volunteering is a key expression of active citizenship and that active citizens who put Maltese values of solidarity into practice day after day should be supported. VolCare volunteers will be engaged without motivation for financial gain but for the benefit of the residents and their families. They will be truly an expression of solidarity, building the Maltese identity of sound values selflessly giving back to the community with commitment, time and personal strengths.

The launch focused on the importance of volunteering and the altruistic values of this noble experience in which anyone can find time and use it preciously to help others in need. Anyone aged 18 years or over is eligible to apply to become a volunteer. An interview will be held with all prospective volunteers followed by focused training.

VolCare will be asking all members to contribute a minimum of 3 hours per week. For more information one can send an email on volcare@sosmalta.org or call on 21335097.