Vassallo Group of Companies held a corporate awards night for the very forst time ever on June 4th, the Group’s 68th anniversary. Aptly called The Shine Awards, this occasion served as an opportunity to reward employees for efforts in various sectors.

During the event, held at The Diamond conference hall, the Group awarded employees for exacellence in customer care, green initiatives, grooming, health and safety, successful project management, supervision. Another award was given to the first employee who was awarded the IDEAT award, an employee suggestion scheme piloted at Caremalta, one of Vassallo Group’s subsidiary companies.

A total of 161 employees who reached notable milestones in their career were also awarded during the event. Years of service awarded ranged from five to forty.
Awards were also given to a number of Vassallo Builders employees who retired from work recently.

Other awards were given out for success in various aspects of the Group’s operation amongst them the implementation of a 3 Rs philosphy (recycle, re-use and reduce), debt collection, piecework take up and management of slow moving stock.

On this occasion the Group gave due recognition to employee Carmel Camilleri the CEO of CGT Ltd , a subsidiary of the Group, Dr George Cutajar, who both passed away recently. Mrs Camilleri and Mrs Cutajar were awarded sum of money each through the Arkati Foundation, the group’s Welfare Fund. Financial assistance was also handed to Charles Montefort who was severly injured at work losing both his legs.

In his concluding remarks, Vassallo Group chairman Nazzareno Vassallo spoke highly of the Group’s employees who were key to the Group’s success. Describing the employees as “the diamond in our crown”, Mr Vassallo used the occasion to announce the setting up of a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme for the employees of the Group, totalling 1400.

At the end of the event Mr Vassallo announced the winner of the Chairman’s Award for 2014, long-serving member of CareMalta’s board of directors, Robert Von Brockdorff.
After the event the more than 500 guests continued enjoying the evening at the Landmark’s Piazza were food and drinks prepared by Catermax, another company within the Group.

Photos from the event can be viewed from the hereunder links: